The micro-doughLAB is a small scale (4g) dough mixer and analysis system to determine the quality and processing characteristics of flour and dough.

下载红番茄视频,抽搐一进一出gif免费The small sample size is ideal for researchers, wheat breeders, grain handlers, millers and bakers with limited sample and/or valuable samples.

It can be used to screen breeder lines, develop rapid and small scale methods and to establish the performance, specification, water and mixing requirements of flour. It enables users to save time and money by accurately and quickly identifying the best flour for their application.

下载红番茄视频,抽搐一进一出gif免费The micro-doughLAB uses doughLAB for Windows (DLW) software. It is easy to use, compact, reproducible, accurate, and cleans up quickly.