Sequential Precision Divider - SPD 4200

Just about everyone who tests grain needs to divide a larger amount of grain into a smaller, but still representative sample. The SPD 4200 does this faster, easier and better than ever before

Sequential Precision Divider SPD 4200

下载红番茄视频,抽搐一进一出gif免费Some grain analyses require a very small sample, fully representative of the entire quantity. Sample dividers have been used for this purpose for many years, but the design of older dividers forces users to divide the sample in multiple steps which takes time and influences accuracy. The SPD 4200 single step divider provides a small, representative sub-sample from a larger quantity in less than 15 seconds.

Simply pour the sample into the top funnel, open the shutter to let the sample fall through the divider, and open the tray to retrieve the sample. The system is gravity driven and has no moving parts. The transparent divider sections make it easy to verify that no sample is remaining in the divider removing the risk of sample cross-contamination.