Features and benefits


Thanks to high frequency 150 MHz technology and the UGMA algorithm you will get accurate readings, also on grain straight from the field or the dryer. Measurements are aligned with the officially approved AM 5200-A.

Easy to use

No sample weighing or volume measurement is required. Just pour the sample to fill the hopper and pull the handle to start the analysis. The AM 5800 Manual takes care of the rest.


Excellent repeatability thanks to precision mechanics and advanced signal processing.


下载红番茄视频,抽搐一进一出gif免费In less than 20 seconds accurate readings for moisture, Test Weight and temperature are presented on the display.


Powered by 2 AA batteries and weighing only 5 kg / 9lb you easily bring the AM 5800 Manual to where you need it.

Smart interface

The touch screen with intuitive user interface makes the AM 5800 Manual simple to use. Input sample IDs, view results on a remote screen, and update through Bluetooth. The touchscreen uses resistance technology and will even respond to gloved hands.